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Laura Mendez

Microblading Specialist 
Laura Rae is a San Diego native and mother of 3 boys! She has been in the beauty industry for 15 years and is a licensed tattoo artist, a certified Everlasting Brows artist, and trained by the best, Jenn Boyd. With a passion for microblading, her attention to detail, and commitment to safe practicing standards, her goal is to enhance her client’s natural beauty by custom designing the most naturally flattering brows. Her warm and genuine personality is sure to leave you feeling amazing!

IG: aura_pbi

Microblading Prices

  • 1st Session $450 (price includes your Perfecting Session)
  • Color Boost $280
  • Microblading Correction - Consultation Only

    *Prices reflected above are base prices only

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Prepping for the Microblading Procedure

 Prepping for your Microblading (cosmetic eyebrow tattoos) procedure is just as important as your aftercare routine. Microblading, as well as all cosmetic tattooing, is an art, not a science. It is impossible to guarantee a specific result, as there are many factors that need to be considered. Individual results will vary, due to age, skin type, circulation and overall health of the skin. This is why taking the time to properly prep your skin for your procedure is so necessary. With the correct pre & post procedure care, we can ensure the best possible results will be achieved. 
Below you will see a list of preparatory care instructions. Please read over them carefully before booking your appointment, so that we may schedule your brow procedure accordingly. 

In order to avoid excessive bleeding and poor color deposit:
  • Do not drink alcohol 24-48 hours before your tattoo.
  • Do not consume coffee before your procedure.
  • Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen for pain relief (this thins the blood).
  • Do not pick/tweeze/wax/perform electrolysis one week before procedure.
  • Do not tan two weeks prior or have sunburned face.
  • Do not have any type of facial/peel 2 weeks prior to treatment.
  • Discontinue Vitamin A/Retinol products one month prior to treatment.
  • Do not work out the day of the procedure.
  • Do not have botox 3 weeks prior.
  • Do not take Fish Oil or Vitamin E one week prior (natural blood thinners).
  • Do not wax or tint your eyebrows 3 days before the procedure.

Microblading Aftercare

Proper aftercare is essential to the long term success, effectiveness, health and overall satisfaction of your new eyebrow tattoos. 

Immediately Following Your Procedure: 
Immediately following your eyebrow tattoo procedure, you will feel tingling and tenderness, and probably a bit of swelling in the tattoo area. This is because the anesthetic used before and during your procedure will start to wear off, and your newly exposed wound will begin to heal immediately. 
For the first few days, you will experience skin sensitivity, redness and some swelling. You may take an over the counter pain reliever to help with any discomfort. 
It is Important to remember that all tattoos carry the inherent risk of infection and/or allergic reaction. 

Swelling and Bruising: 
Swelling, redness, skin sensitivity and some minor bruising are normal side effects to the eyebrow tattoo procedure. These symptoms should only persist for a day or two. How easily a person swells and bruises depends on factors such as their age, skin type, and circulation. Swelling and bruising may desperse
into a larger surface area of the face (e.g. forehead). On average, cosmetic tattoo eyebrows are the least effected by bruising, compared to eyeliner or lips, and should be a minimal issue, if at all. It is also very important to never apply pressure to a new tattoo. 

Recommend Aftercare Ointment: 
On the first night after your procedure, it highly recommended that you apply bacitracin ointment or a triple antibiotic ointment before bed. This will help prevent infection and keep the brows from drying out. We recommend this for Nightly use. During the day, the product Aquaphor may be used for fast effective healing. It is also extremely important never to apply ointment to a damp or wet tattoo. 

Below are instructions to guide you through your aftercare routine as well as some additional pointers. 
The day of the treatment: Absorb
  • Gently blot the area with clean tissue to absorb excess lymph fluid. Do this every 5 minutes for the full day until oozing has stopped. Removing this fluid prevents hardening of the lymph.
Day 1-14: Wash
  • Wash daily to remove bacteria and dead skin. (Don't worry...THIS DOES NOT REMOVE THE PIGMENT!)
  • Gently wash your eyebrows each morning and night with water and an antibacterial soap like Dial, Cetaphil, or Neutrogena. With a very light touch, use your fingertips to gently cleanse the eyebrows. Rub the area in a smooth motion for 10 seconds and rinse with water ensuring that all soap is rinsed away. To dry, gently pat with a clean tissue. DO NOT use any cleansing products containing acids (glycolic, lactic, or AHA), or any exfoliants.
Day 1-14: Moisturize
  • Apply a rice-grain sized amount of aftercare ointment with a cotton swab and spread it across the treated area. Be sure to not over-apply as this will suffocate your skin and delay healing. The ointment should be barely noticeable on the skin. Never put the ointment on a wet or damp tattoo.
Important Reminders:
  • Use a fresh pillowcase.
  • Let any scabbing or dry skin naturally exfoliate away. Picking can cause scarring or loss of color.
  • No facials, botox, chemical treatments, or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks.
  • Avoid hot, sweaty exercise for one week.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning for 4 weeks after procedure. Wear a hat when outdoors.
  • Avoid heavy sweating and long hot showers for the first 10 days.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face for the first 10 days.
  • Avoid swimming, lakes, hot tubs for the first 10 days.
  • Avoid topical makeup including sunscreen on the area.
  • Do not rub, pick, or scratch the treated area.
Important Note About Showering:
Limit your showers to 5 minutes so you do not create too much steam. Keep your face/procedure area out of the water while you wash your body, wash your hair at the end of your shower. Your face should only be getting wet at the very last end of the shower. Avoid excessive rinsing and hot water on the treated area.

Remember, with proper prep and aftercare routine, you will have much better results with your microblading procedure. Don't forget your new favorite acronym: AWM - Absorb, Wash, Moisturize!
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