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Welcome to Belle Avenue

We invite you to be a part of the Belle Avenue experience where you can escape and spoil yourself with all the services we offer all in one place. We are a non-traditional new breed of beauty salons with an upscale luxury twist that is designed to customize to your everyday beauty routine. Here, time is not a problem, you can receive a hair service and get your make-up done all at one time, so you’re not late for dinner! Belle Avenue’s definition of luxury is not overly expensive services; it is all about convenience! The convenience of receiving eyelash extensions, an eyebrow wax, a make-up application, and any hair services all without moving an inch or re-parking your car. We encourage you to take a break from your everyday routine and experience comfort and luxury in our big and beautiful salon, we will see you soon!

Belle Avenue Salon

Belle Avenue Salon is our original location and home to the majority of our beauty services.
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Belle Avenue Lashes

Belle Avenue Lashes specializes in lash extensions and microblading services.
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